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Navigating Employment Types as a New Grad: A CAReer Guide

Are you a new graduate beginning the search for your first professional job? Figuring out what job is the best fit for you can be exciting, but it can also be a challenge. The DAHL Grads Team understands how overwhelming the beginning of your career journey can be, especially when faced with different employment types that can be confusing if you’ve never been exposed to them. The three employment arrangement options traditionally available are contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent placement. It can be helpful to think of these three types similarly to renting, leasing-to-own, or buying a car, respectively. Below, we will explore each of these options, which can act as a resource for you to find the best job fit for your needs and can open the door to fast-tracking your career!

3 Employment Options for Your CAReer Buying Experience

1. Contract or “Renting” Option 

Contract careers allow you to “test drive” a position and company for a few months to a year. When your contract career or “rental car agreement” comes to an end, you get to try out a new career and company. While not a permanent arrangement, this experience provides you with an excellent opportunity to strengthen your resume and build valuable skills in a real work environment, putting you “on the road” to your next career opportunity.

2. Contract-to-hire or “Leasing-to-own” Option

Contract-to-hire careers are similar to a contract “test drive” in that you work at a company for a few months to try out the role and culture. The difference is that at the end of the “leasing” period, there is an opportunity to be hired permanently by the company. You still gain the same benefits as a contract career but can continue “accelerating” your career path with the same company.

3. Permanent or “Buying” Option

Being hired by a company for a permanent role allows you to start driving your career “off the lot” (metaphorically speaking) right away. After your decision, the DAHL Grads Team checks in to make sure the job and company are an excellent fit for your expectations and career goals “down the road.”

Getting Started with Our Employment Experts

Are you ready to get a head start on your career? Our experienced DAHL Grads Team is here to help! We partner with you and see you as more than just a resume; we want to get to know you, discover more about your career goals, and, ultimately, find a company culture and position where you can best use your talents. Our team is readily available to advocate for you, address any questions or concerns, and act as cost-free support even after you get hired!

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