Independent contractor compliance reduces employment risk.

When it comes to managing IC compliance, the legal and regulatory labyrinth can be both intimidating and mystifying.

Recently, the upsurge of independent contractors (ICs) in the workplace has been both glaring and impressive. With that, we are now experiencing a flood of new laws, rules, and regulations enacted to address the dynamic nature of this employment arrangement.

Dahl Consulting’s (DAHL’s) IC Compliance Solution is designed to deliver full lifecycle administrative management of your ICs. This significantly controls cost, reduces risk, and improves the overall contingent workforce experience.

Cost of Misclassification

There are no second chances when it comes to employee classification. In fact, IC misclassification can have significant consequences, interruptions, and liabilities that include: 

  • Loss of federal and/or state contracts
  • Delinquent payment of taxes, contributions, and insurance premiums
  • Tarnished brand and negative press
  • Class action lawsuits, in addition to attorneys’ costs and fees
  • Unpaid business expenses and overtime reimbursement
  • Accountable for loss of employee benefit coverage

Key IC Compliance Benefits

As part DAHL’s solution, we deliver a full administration of risk mitigation and IC contract management. Additionally, we provide full lifecycle management of each payrolled employee from start to finish, creating a high-touch experience from end-users and ICs.

Top-notch IC Compliance
Contracts held directly with DAHL
Onboarding / Offboarding, and Employee Insurance Programs​
Full document management, including collecting, storing, and tracking
Policy, Contracts and Agreement Governance
Streamlined and single-source invoicing efficiencies
Dispute Resolution

Trust the Upper Midwest’s Leading Diversity-focused Staffing Firm

DAHL’s IC Compliance Solution tackles, eases, and/or settles the key issues that rise from the management of IC employment arrangements. Our IC compliance team is comprised of industry experts that understand the law and industry. Further, DAHL’s in-depth evaluation procedures vet ICs for compliance with Federal, state, and, even local law (if applicable). Contact inclusive staffing professionals today to learn more about our IC Compliance Solution.