As your payrolling partner, you find the talent and we do the rest

Payrolling Your WorkforcE

In today’s market, companies look to partner with an organization that has the expertise to manage and streamline payrolling and IC employment compliance services for their contractor workforce effectively and efficiently. As a national payrolling solutions provider with global capabilities in the contractor workforce administration sector, Dahl Consulting becomes the official employer of record (EOR) so companies can focus on their business goals.

As the EOR, DAHL offers your company more than just payrolling services in the US; we customize a solution to meet your needs through our global partnerships. With our dedicated team, we become a single point of contact for the payrolling program’s client contact and contractors. Our payrolling program manager handles the day-to-day operations and end-user engagement with support from the program team and other DAHL departments, including HR, Legal, Finance, and Accounting.

We help you achieve operational excellence, reduce operating costs and improve outcomes for your employees so they can succeed. Our customized payrolling and EOR solutions are delivered through a seamless implementation process, strong governance and compliance framework, comprehensive program management, and measurable savings to create sustainable value within local, regional, national, or even global employment areas.

When does payrolling make sense?

  • Re-engage Verified Talent | If your company would like to utilize furloughed/laid-off or even retired staff who were let go due to business declines versus performance issues, a payrolling solution could be the key as it allows you to expand your talent base without the full headcount expense.

  • Workforce Reduction Compliance | If your business requires a downsizing of full-time headcount or complies with corporate hiring freezes, a payrolling partnership could help you retaining trained, proven performers. Additionally, this helps you stay engaged with talent you hope to bring back onto your team when allowed.

  • Short-term Hiring Surges | If your company wants to avoid investing time with onboarding and offboarding for a group of short-term workers, such as summer interns or production ramps, a payrolling solution could work for you. As an added benefit, you can evaluate this talent prior to making direct offers of employment if the need for headcount remains high.

  • Circumvent Hiring Costs | If your business wants to avoid the overall administrative cost of hiring, including benefits, workers’ compensation and unemployment expenses, you should engage with a payrolling partner.

How does payrolling work?

The process for setting up a payrolled consultant with DAHL’s solution is very straightforward.

  1. The client identifies the candidate and forwards information to DAHL.
  2. A DAHL representative schedules a virtual registration with the candidate.
  3. Onboarding and orientation are tailored to match the procedures of the client.
  4. As the employer of record, DAHL handles employee wages, statutory taxes, applicable contributions to unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance, as well as maintenance of all records and reporting requirements.

Client Benefits

The value of DAHL’s Payrolling Services and the benefits to your organization, are unparalleled in today’s marketplace. With DAHL as the EOR for consultant labor force, we are responsible for the following.

Management of Co-Employment Assessments and Best Practices
Management of Supplier Relations and Statement-of-Work Facilitation
Contractor and Outsourced Payroll Solutions
Contract and Rate Negotiations
Background and Drug Screening Administration, Compliance and Fulfillment
Onboarding / Offboarding and Employee Insurance Programs
Reporting on Headcount, Projects, Budget and Contractor Landscape
Policy, Contracts and Agreement Governance
Streamlined and Single-Source Invoicing efficiencies

DAHL also offers add-on services such as time tracking and workforce reporting technology through our vendor management system (VMS), APRU.

What DAHL provides as Employer Of Record

We have developed best practices for workforce payrolling solutions to provide full-service consultant management to suit your needs. Our inclusive recruiting company onboards 100s of payrolled consultants for our clients each year throughout the United States. As W-2 employees of DAHL, our payrolling solution ensures that each contractor has access to the following:

  • Paperless onboarding and offboarding processes
  • Medical, dental, and other employer-sponsored insurance plans
  • 401(k) Retirement plan with employer match
  •  Discipline and imposition of handbook policies and procedures
  • Accurate withholding of applicable payroll taxes

DAHL can provide a traditional payrolling solution for your consultant workforce, or we can customize a solution to meet your needs. With our diverse recruiting and employment experts, you can rest assured that your payrolled consultants are being handled reliably and accurately–whether workers are: located on-site or off-site, paid hourly, daily or per project, and considered freelance, flextime or a host of other possibilities.

We strategically manage all interactions with your third-party/sub-suppliers, whether they are delivering on a fixed bid or time-and-material projects. Our experience includes: rate negotiation, contract and Statement of Work facilitation, and project and payment deliverables including milestone payments, fixed bids and time/materials (hourly) resources. Contact our payrolling EOR experts today to see if DAHL can help create a customized solution for your employment situation.