We believe people make a difference in the organization.

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Our process allows us to concentrate on exclusive search assignments - meaning that our team of employment specialists takes the time to learn and understand your organization's needs and culture in order to bring you only the most qualified talent. Plus, we’re committed to inclusive staffing and recruitment in order to find you the very best.

Our Vendor Management System (VMS) manages your contingent and contract talent pool using technology that keeps people in mind. Studies indicate that approximately 22% of an organization’s labor pool encompasses contractors or temporary workers. Yet, the majority of companies manage this critical resource by reviewing time lagged and inaccurate accounts payable reports. Our diversity-focused staffing firm does things a little differently.


A successful placement is much more than a filled assignment. We consider our clients true business partners. DAHL maintains relationships with candidates, consultants, and employers to ensure the transition process is a success.


An executive search firm is the most reliable way to find qualified talent. Our sole purpose is to bring you professionals who have the leadership, managerial and technical skills necessary to thrive in your organization.​ And our focus on inclusive recruitment means you’ll have access to the widest talent pool available.


Finding talent isn't easy. Talented consultants very rarely put themselves on the market, which is why the right resources and expertise are needed to successfully motivate them to consider new opportunities.


Using an executive search firm focused on diversity and inclusion hiring allows you to conduct your search with complete confidentiality, including reaching out to passive candidates who work for competitors.


As part of our commitment to exceptional service, we follow a proven recruitment process and guarantee a world-class, professional experience every step of the way.

Best Practices

Here are some of the methods we use to continuously recruit qualified candidates.

Advertising and Promotion

DAHL works with local and regional partners, as well as online job boards and other digital channels to run targeted and effective recruiting campaigns.

Social Network Connections

DAHL has an active online and social media presence. We reach prospective talent through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social networks on a daily basis.

Central Operations Capabilities

DAHL manages a robust database of employees and candidates, matching open positions with qualified candidates. Other tools include mass email and texting to quickly ramp up talent as needed.

Referral Marketing

Referrals from friends and family are a primary source of quality talent leads. DAHL promotes and incentivizes referrals in every market.

Measuring Success

We continually measure our effectiveness in attracting qualified talent through a variety of metrics, and adjust our process as needed to improve our performance.

Our Promise

DAHL has proven that we are flexible, consistent, and easy to work with, which is why our clients and consultants have stayed with us, and we've continued to grow throughout the years.​ Our diverse hiring practices deliver proven results when it matters most.

Our clients know they can depend on our efforts, as we hold their priorities in high regard. We genuinely care about each and every relationship and promise to work with the utmost respect, integrity, and high energy, as we continually strive to build long-term relationships. There’s simply no better choice for professional staffing agencies in Minnesota – trust DAHL when it counts.

Our Success Stories

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