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Streamline Your Statement of Work Management by Partnering with DAHL

simplifying SOW Management

Statement of Work (SOW) management streamlines the process of hiring contingent workers for project-based needs. 

SOW management tackles common pain points like: 

  • Scope Creep:Uncontrolled project expansion leading to budget overruns. 
  • Miscommunication: Unclear expectations between your company and staffing suppliers. 
  • Inefficient Spend: Difficulty tracking and controlling costs associated with contingent labor. 
  • Lack of Data:  Difficulty making informed, data-driven decisions to drive your business forward efficiently.

At Dahl Consulting, we understand the importance of detailed, yet straightforward SOWs. We work with our clients and vendor partners to set them up for successful outcomes while mitigating risks and providing helpful, streamlined insights throughout the entire process.  

SOW Management with DAHL ensures a clear, documented agreement outlining: 

  • Project Scope: Precise details of the work to be completed. 
  • Deliverables: Expected outcomes and deadlines. 
  • Timelines and Budget: Clear schedules and cost parameters. 
  • Communication Channels: Established procedures for feedback and updates. 

What Does SOW Management Entail?

Dahl Consulting’s SOW Management solution provides a comprehensive approach, including: 
Vendor Management

Overseeing communication, performance, and compliance.

Cost Control & Budgeting

Monitoring and optimizing contingent labor spend.

Compliance Management

Ensuring adherence to legal and regulatory requirements.

Reporting & Analytics

Providing insights into project performance and cost-effectiveness.

How Does SOW Management Fit into a VMS/MSP Solution?

A Vendor Management System (VMS) or Managed Service Provider (MSP) platform streamlines your contingent workforce program by providing a connection between companies and talent providers. 

Our SOW Management solution perfectly complements a VMS/MSP by: 

  • Enhancing SOW Accuracy:  Integrates seamlessly with your VMS/MSP for accurate data management.
  • Improving Visibility:  Provides real-time project insights within your VMS/MSP dashboard.
  • Streamlining Workflows:Automates tasks and approvals related to SOW management.
  • Integrated Analysis:  Provides easy access to contingent-workforce-related spending and performance analyses.

The centralization of SOW management with DAHL’s VMS technology (APRU) creates transparency to manage spend by project, financial coding, track SOW project work, and accurately categorize spending into capital and operational buckets.

Benefits of a Comprehensive SOW Management Solution

Outsourcing SOW Management to Dahl Consulting delivers significant advantages, including the following: 
Increased Project Success Rates

Deliver projects on time, within budget, and to your exact specifications.

Mitigated Risk

 Ensure compliance and reduce exposure to legal or financial liabilities.

Enhanced Visibility

Gain real-time project insights and make data-driven decisions.

Improved Efficiency

Streamline workflows and free your internal resources for core tasks. Plus, establish clear guidelines for future contingent workforce engagements.

Reduced Costs

Optimize contingent labor spend, minimize scope creep, and properly classify work being performed.

DAHL also offers add-on services such as time tracking and workforce reporting technology through our vendor management system (VMS), APRU.

Differences Between SOW Management and Staff Augmentation

Unmanaged SOWs can lead to the misclassification of staff augmentation, resulting in the following problems for your business: 
  • Lack of visibility into true contingent workforce costs
  • Inflated spend on SOW workers
  • Compliance risks with worker onboarding and management

Essentially, staff augmentation consists of adding resources to your existing team, while SOW management involves outsourcing the management and delivery of a specific project or work package.

Here are the differences between each solution for 5 key features:
graph side by side comparison between SOW vs Staff Augmentation

How Does DAHL's SOW Management Solution Work?

SOW Spend Auditing
  • DAHL analyzes SOW agreements for potential misclassified workers 
  • Opportunities are identified for cost optimization through vendor consolidation or renegotiation 
  • DAHL improves visibility into all SOW projects and associated costs 
  • Areas of risk are identified and mitigated (e.g. worker classification, onboarding requirements)
Classification Process for Staff Augmentation vs. SOW
  • DAHL establishes criteria for worker classification based on job duties and schedule
  • A streamlined process is created for future SOW engagements

Bring True SOW Under Management
  • Total non-employee workforce visibility
  • Enhanced data, reporting, and metrics accessible 

Why Partner with Dahl Consulting for SOW Management?

The centralization of SOW management with DAHL’s VMS technology (APRU) creates the transparency to manage spend by project and cost center, track SOW project work, as well as accurately categorize spend into capital and operational buckets. DAHL has been offering SOW Management services to businesses of all sizes for decades, so we offer the expertise your business needs. 


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DAHL has demonstrated success in each of these areas.

This is illustrated in one of our case studies, in which we achieved the following key metrics: 

  • Time Savings: Implementation of our proprietary VMS, APRU, saved a significant amount of time for the client, particularly in the process of reviewing work and allocating expenses. Our client realized time savings of 20% in relation to manual work around cost center allocation and spend categorization. 
  • Improved Visibility: Our VMS technology provided the client with better visibility into their SOW spend, allowing them to track individual resources, understand their cost utilization on a project basis, and allocate costs to different cost centers. This improved visibility helped the project team with enhanced cost allocation and enabled optimal expense classification. 
  • Efficient Resource Management: The new technology allowed the client to manage their SOW providers more efficiently.  They gained complete visibility into workers on assignment, which project and cost centers they were charging hours to and real time project tracking. This resulted in the allocation of resources to the right projects and cost centers.
DAHL VMS Technology Case Study
Download your free copy of our Solutions for Workforce Visibility case study and share it with your team today.
Dahl Consulting offers unmatched expertise in SOW Management for staffing. Here’s why we’re your ideal partner: 
  • Extensive Experience:Proven track record of success in managing complex SOWs. 
  • Dedicated Team: Experienced professionals with in-depth staffing and SOW knowledge. 
  • Technology-Driven Approach:Leverage APRU technology tools to optimize SOW Management. 
  • Scalable Solutions:Customized solutions to meet your unique staffing needs. 
  • Focus on Client Success: Committed to delivering exceptional value and exceeding expectations. 

employer's guide to sow management

Curious about SOW cost transparency and allocation? Discover more on SOW Management, Payrolling, and Employer of Record (EOR) in our comprehensive whitepaper.

Download your FREE copy of DAHL’s Statement of Work Cost Transparency and Allocation whitepaper!


Preview of the DAHL + APRU SOW Whitepaper

Dahl's cutting-edge SOW technology

DAHL’s VMS technology, APRU, is a key piece of SOW management that provides seamless tracking and visibility into projects. APRU’s capabilities allow for complex SOW management in one seamless platform.   

How it works: 
  • Project Planning: This tool helps manage projects by outlining their scope, distributing details to potential vendors, and tracking progress through milestone approvals and payments. 
  • Enhanced Execution: APRU streamlines project execution by defining project goals, clearly communicating requirements to potential suppliers and ensuring efficient payment through milestone approvals. 
  • Project Facilitation: APRU facilitates project definition, distributes requirements to potential suppliers, and approves project milestones and payments, keeping projects on track. 
  • Visibility & Risk Mitigation: Mitigate risk with enhanced visibility to ensure project deadlines are met, plus gain insights into cost savings and spend tracking.   

What are the Benefits of DAHL'S APRU VMS System?

With DAHL’s APRU vendor management system, complex project management is made easy. APRU provides the following benefits for your business:
Maintain Financial Control

Unveil real-time financial insights with visibility into project budgets, spend, and total invoiced amounts.

Invoice Management

Move invoices forward faster and more accurately by including only reviewed and approved expenses on line items.

Contract Assistance

Streamline contracts with contract management tools that simplify data and assist in the negotiation process.

Easily Navigate Change Orders

With centralized data and documentation, SOW change orders can be easily accessed, modified, and approved.

Optimize Communication

SOW management through APRU enhances visibility, acting as a source of truth for everyone involved, facilitating clear communication about projects.

Partner with Dahl Consulting for a comprehensive SOW Management solution and unlock the full potential of your contingent workforce!

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