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5 Entry-Level Jobs for Business Majors

Did you just earn a business administration degree? Are you starting your search for a new job? A successful job search ultimately requires a detailed plan and a focused effort. After all, you want to begin your career on the right foot with companies regularly searching for fresh talent. Finding an organization with a robust professional development program should be your goal.

Also, it is important to understand what professional recruiters in Minnesota look for in candidates right out of college. Because you probably need more relevant experience typical of experienced job seekers, you need to emphasize any internships or college work that relates to your chosen career path. Also, consider earning a certification or two to add depth to your resume.

To help you land your first job out of college, check out this useful guide. We cover five top entry-level jobs worthy of exploration. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of what professional job placement agencies look for in candidates fresh out of school. You can use this information to prepare for your first real job search after graduation. Good luck!

What Do Professional Job Recruiters Look for in Entry-Level Candidates?

An entry-level candidate probably needs to gain the real-world experience many companies expect from professionals. However, most organizations provide intriguing positions suitable for emerging talent. In a market still favoring jobseekers, companies consider new graduates now more than ever. Boasting a strong affinity for the latest technological innovations definitely helps as the business world continues its digital transformation.

Also, consider applying for temporary or temp-to-hire jobs to build some experience. The latter situation offers an opportunity to test drive a company before accepting a permanent offer. Of course, that scenario goes both ways, as businesses might want to see how you interact with current employees.

Ultimately, understanding what modern recruiters look for in entry-level candidates helps you craft a resume to attract them. Next, we’ll take a closer look at what you need to highlight on your first professional resume.

Level of Education

Businesses want their entry-level employees to learn new skills quickly. Therefore, in addition to a bachelor’s degree in business administration, they want to see exemplary performance in school. This is why it is important to highlight your GPA and any other awards like Dean’s List appearances and a National Honor Society membership.

Additionally, earning a professional certification can be beneficial. It shows you are knowledgeable and willing to learn new concepts. Also, highlight any relevant internship experience related to the open position.

If you only possess an associate’s degree, having a few certifications on your resume becomes more important. Additionally, having relevant experience related to a position helps keep you open for consideration during the hiring process. Speak with your recruiter on how to approach this situation. Perhaps seeking a temporary job makes sense to add some depth to your work history.

Skills Relating to the Entry-Level Job

Most professional recruiters want candidates to tailor each resume for an open position. You will need to analyze job descriptions for positions that interest you deeply and highlight any skills and certifications related to what you discovered during your research. Once again, your recruiter’s advice pays dividends during this part of your job search.

While some skills depend on specific positions, other abilities apply to most jobs, especially for entry-level candidates. For example, business majors need strong verbal and written communication skills. This especially matters when interacting with clients, business stakeholders, and fellow coworkers. Therefore, ensure your resume and cover letters are well-written and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Businesses also want entry-level candidates with an affinity for teamwork and collaboration. Modern projects leverage iterative methodologies where working together becomes paramount.  Consequently, highlighting any evidence in this area on your resume is important. Group activities in school help illustrate this skill if you lack professional experience.

An Organized Resume

As noted earlier, a well-crafted resume is a must for any candidate, whether you’re entry-level or experienced. Keep things concise and easy to read, as many hiring managers only get a minute or two to review your CV. Once again, tailor the resume for each open position, focusing on the skills matching the job in question. Note that your online resume should provide an overall view of your abilities.

Again, professional recruiters in Minnesota and elsewhere understand what makes a resume great. Take their advice to heart and create an organized resume that highlights you as an emerging professional. Also, remember to keep your online resume up to date on LinkedIn and other professional websites. This is especially the case when you learn new skills, earn certifications, and gain additional experience.

Top 5 Entry-Level Jobs for Business Majors According to Professional Recruiters in Minnesota

Now let’s dive into some of the more intriguing entry-level positions relevant to new graduates with a business degree to provide some ideas for potential career paths. You can ask your recruiter for advice on what career path makes sense based on your professional goals and background.

Ultimately, you want an employer that provides enough professional development opportunities to build a rewarding vocation. These insights serve as food for thought while you keep your options open.

#1 Executive Administrative Assistant

Don’t think that working as an executive administrative assistant is essentially a secretarial position. This job role typically requires a degreed professional and provides many opportunities to forge a rewarding career. Top-shelf communication skills also come to the fore in this role. You will need to regularly interact with your employer’s executives or executives from other organizations.

Expect to earn an average annual salary of around $53,000 with the potential to grow to $75,000 annually with experience. You also get the opportunity to build a professional network with high-level executives, which may prove to be beneficial throughout your career.

#2 Human Resources Specialist

Human resources specialists lie at the heart of any company’s HR team. Once again, exceptional written and verbal communication skills matter in this role as you interact with both candidates and your company’s current employees. Technology skills also are important when using modern applicant tracking systems and other HR application suites.

The average annual salary for this role is around $50,000. Your career path might result in becoming an HR manager or a Chief Talent Officer. This position provides another intriguing career path for new business graduates.

#3 Entry-Level Data Analyst

Data remains the lifeblood of modern business. Companies generate massive amounts of data from eCommerce, social media, and Internet of Things platforms. The demand for entry-level data analysts remains as high as ever.

This position requires strong technical skills combined with business acumen, so consider earning certifications to accompany your business degree. The average annual salary for an entry-level data analyst is around $50,000, with the opportunity to move into more lucrative technical roles as you gain experience.

#4 Consulting

Working in consulting remains a great option for gaining a measure of flexibility in any emerging career. Of course, your job duties and salary largely depend on the specific consulting position, but it still provides a useful opportunity to learn new things and build a robust professional network.

Consultants also enjoy a chance to work in both temporary jobs as well as direct hire opportunities. If you like to travel, you might enjoy the chance to work all over the country or even overseas. Note that successful business consultants possess a wide range of skills and knowledge. As such, it provides a great opportunity to build a rewarding career.

#5 Sales Representative

If you are a people person, you could turn your business major into a lucrative career in sales. In fact, out of all five of these positions, sales representatives provide the highest earning opportunity. Do your research to find an opportunity at a company with a great reputation and products/services you believe are true solutions for their customers.

Your average salary in this role also depends on commissions and bonuses. It’s possible for entry-level reps to enjoy a six-figure income. Also, regular travel remains a common occurrence for most sales professionals.

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