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Job Posting Do’s and Don’ts for Attracting the Right Talent

Today’s job market across the United States remains historically tight due to the aftermath of the pandemic and other economic factors. It’s estimated that there are nearly two open jobs for every unemployed individual in the country, and the nation’s unemployment rate is still just 3.7%. Because of market conditions, the job searching process has become just as much of an interview of the company seeking employees as it is of the candidate applying for employment.

While increases in pay and total compensation plan offerings are helpful, it’s not enough to only offer a higher salary and better benefits; if your hiring team fails to publish a quality job posting that includes key elements to “sell” both the position and your company, the right talent may just keep scrolling down the endless job list and pass you by. Here are a few tips to help your company grab the attention of today’s limited talent pool.

The Do’s

Share Your Story

One of the best ways your company can attract the right talent is by sharing who you are and what you stand for, including your mission, vision, purpose and/or core values. Job seekers have more opportunities in today’s market than ever before, and candidates are researching companies more deeply and thoroughly prior to clicking the apply button. Make sure your company and hiring team are prepared to create a good impression across many platforms, both digital and analog.

A candidate’s initial visit to your company website and/or social media pages may be the only opportunity you get to illustrate your work culture and environment to them, so it’s imperative these platforms are cohesive and capture what your company stands for. Also, be mindful of your company’s online employment reputation via reviews on websites like Glassdoor, Google, and Indeed. If there are negative reviews, take the time to address them publicly in a positive and transparent manner. Additionally, try to increase your overall online rating and recency by continually encouraging employees to submit reviews about their experience at your company via these platforms. It’s especially important to do this when employees are new to their role, so candidates understand what to expect.

Highlight Growth Opportunities

Another way your company can stand out from the hiring competition is by clearly highlighting how you help and support employees to develop, both professionally and personally. For example, at DAHL, we show our commitment to our employees’ growth through offering continuing education programs and supporting new learning options via tuition reimbursement options. It’s important your hiring team takes a holistic view with candidates, both within job postings and during the interview process. This helps them consider not just what the job’s main responsibilities look like today but leads to a clear vision for what the position and the candidate’s development look like going forward.

Spotlight Benefits & Flexibility

The pandemic environment and other economic factors have brought workplace flexibility to the forefront, and today’s applicants say they want it more than any other benefit. This is especially prominent amongst Gen Z, who are about to make up a much larger percentage of the workforce. If your company offers flexible hours, remote or hybrid work options, highlight those benefits in the job posting, as well as on your website and social media channels. In addition, mentioning unique benefits outside of the normal compensation package, such as student loan repayment assistance or a peer-to-peer recognition and rewards program, add those to your job posting details to differentiate your company and show added value.

Recruit the Person, Not Just the Resume

Your company and hiring team must act on your core values when considering new employees for open opportunities, not just highlight them. Recruit candidates that match your true culture and believe in your core values. A marriage of these elements is essential for a successful employment pairing in today’s hiring environment. This type of match can help keep employee engagement high, which in the age of “quiet quitting” and low feelings of connectedness and loyalty, can be a huge advantage for your company.

The Don’ts

Lack of Transparency

In today’s talent-driven market, one of the worst things your organization can do is not be forthright and/or authentic. Clearly lay out the starting salary range, benefits offerings, and job responsibilities, both in the job posting and at the start of the interview process. Companies that don’t will be crossed off applicants’ lists early.

Lengthy Qualifications

While your company may view listing out every single last qualification as an element of transparency, make sure you’re not going overboard on job postings. Candidates, particularly women, can be intimidated by excessive qualifications lists, only applying if they meet most or all of the requirements. Job postings should not list out all the requirements wanted or needed for the position – just the most important ones to be successful in the role.

Additionally, with the tight labor market, make sure to be flexible when making hiring decisions. If a candidate doesn’t quite check all the requirement boxes but possesses the most relevant experience and is a cultural fit, you may want to consider them. If your company is committed to professional development, lacking a few qualifications that aren’t mandatory shouldn’t be held against candidates. Take the time to lay out ways you can help the right person grow into the role.

A clearly crafted job posting that highlights your company culture, what you offer employees, and exactly what the job includes from an expectations standpoint will help you find the right talent in any hiring environment. If you are a company looking to hire the right people for your open positions, we can help. To start, connect with DAHL’s Talent Team today at https://www.dahlconsulting.com/contact-us/.