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Remote, Out-of-State Workforces can Create Compliance Nightmares

When pandemic-related lockdowns went into effect due to COVID-19, many employers quickly responded to the challenge of keeping their team members healthy and safe by shifting their workforce from normal office spaces to working in virtual/remote environments. Companies quickly updated their technologies to support a remote work environment and hence expanded their ability to recruit employees from different geographic locations. This opportunity to recruit more employees also introduced new complexity and risk to companies that are not set up or knowledgeable on how to conduct payroll in different states.

This is where Dahl Consulting (DAHL) can help. DAHL provides payrolling solutions for contingent workers sourced directly by your company. DAHL has the capability to manage and streamline payrolling and IC employment compliance for your contingent workforce efficiently and effectively.

State and local taxes

With the opportunity for employers to hire employees anywhere in the US, both the employer and employee could be subject to potential tax and payroll complications. There is no one-size-fits-all approach in these scenarios and there are many factors to consider to determine the appropriate solution. The DAHL solution for businesses includes analyzing your unique situation and offloading these administrative burdens allowing DAHL to take on the responsibility and risk for your company.

Labor and employment laws

Employers should also be aware of the numerous labor and employment laws of each state where their remote contingent workforce are sourced. These policies include: wage and hour standards, discrimination, workplace safety/health, as well as pensions and benefits requirements. When you partner with DAHL, our team of employment experts handle navigating these tedious but necessary policies to ensure compliance across your enterprise.

Workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance

In addition, employers should also be mindful of the state laws mandating workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance coverage. Employers are required to obtain workers’ compensation insurance in states where employees are physically located while working. In some cases, the employer’s state workers’ compensation laws may not apply to the employee working in another state. The remote contingent workforce may also invoke employer mandates to register and pay for unemployment insurance premiums in additional states’ unemployment insurance programs. With DAHL as your partner, these coverages and policies fall under our scope of services, leaving the company to focus on their primary business.

DAHL, a leader in the workforce administration sector,  becomes the official employer of record (EOR) so companies can focus on their business goals. Additionally, DAHL offers companies more than just payrolling services; we customize a solution to meet your employment needs. With a dedicated team, DAHL becomes a single point of contact between the company and its employees. Our payrolling program manager handles the day-to-day operations and end-user engagement with support from the program team and other DAHL departments, including HR, Legal, Finance, and Accounting.

Our payrolling and EOR solution ensures you have the right people, the right process, and the right relationships, all at the right cost. If your company is in need of employment expertise to manage and streamline payrolling processes for a multi-geographic workforce effectively and efficiently, while ensuring compliance no matter where your employees work and live, you should connect with DAHL’s employment experts, and we’ll help you navigate a custom solution.