Dahl Consulting Pay Schedule for Independent Contractors

Click on the document icon to view, print and/or download the 2019 Pay Schedule for Independent Contractors.

Approved/signed time reports must be received at DAHL by noon on Monday for work completed the prior week. Biweekly invoices must be received at DAHL by noon on the Monday following the two week period worked (Due Date).

Only if DAHL receives your weekly time reports and biweekly invoice by the Due Date, will a payment be processed the Friday following the Due Date. On this schedule, eligible payments will be processed every other Friday.

IMPORTANT | Discrepancies between a biweekly invoice and time reports may delay payment.

Biweekly invoices should be emailed to DAHL_Payroll@dahlconsulting.com.

For questions, please reach out to your DAHL point of contact or DAHL’s payroll team.