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Job Search Advice

If you’re weighing a career change or having trouble finding an entry-level job on your own, consider calling a professional staffing agency for help. A diversity staffing firm like Dahl Consulting (DAHL) offers employment-related services that are 100% free to job seekers and employees. Our diversity-focused recruiting team partners with businesses hiring and will value the talent you bring to your role and you as an individual! At DAHL, our process includes optimizing your resume, coaching you for interviews, and advocating for both you as a prospective employee and the hiring company

Consider Partnering with a Diversity Staffing Firm in the Upper Midwest

Connect with a DAHL Recruiter for help navigating the opportunities based on your background, interests, and career ambitions. Utilize The DAHL Dictionary to understand key terms used in the professional staffing industry.

Value of Working With a Staffing Agency

You’re building a career path to an amazing employment opportunity. Learn how partnering with a professional staffing agency can help you succeed.

Know What Your're Looking for in a Role

Ask yourself, what makes you happy in your job? This article will help you identify the most important aspects to you at work to determine the best next step for your career.

Learn How to Land a New Job Quickly

Resume Tips

Candidates are surprised to hear that experienced recruiters can look at a resume for under 10 seconds, and make a judgment on whether they are qualified or not. So how do you get your career accomplishments across in just a few seconds?

How to Beat the 10-second Resume Test

Don’t miss this article with quick resume writing tips for helping you stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Improve Your Resume

Using AI tools can help you with multiple aspects of your job search, including your resume. Check out this article on using AI to improve your job search to learn more!

Know What to Include

What elements are necessary to include on a resume and what should you leave off? Learn the simple do’s & don’ts of resume writing in this short article!

Get Advice from an Employment Expert

Our team of diversity-focused and inclusive recruiters are happy to help with your resume – whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for a refresh. Connect with our Employment Experts to get started!

Interview Advice

Interviews can be intimidating, but these tips can help you feel confident and prepared! Whether it’s virtual or in-person, these interview best practices can make you stand out from other candidates. Click to view & download our virtual checklist & interview tips infographics.

Arriving at an interview looking and acting the part can help raise your confidence and make you more feel comfortable.

If your interview is a phone or video interview, make sure to test your technology ahead of time to make sure your audio and video are working properly.

Use these tips to prepare beforehand and what to cover during the interview itself!

Practicing for your interview is now easier than ever! There are multiple AI platforms that you can use to practice mock interviews and get feedback on how to improve.

Learn how to prepare great answers to commonly asked interview questions. 

You’re not the only person being interviewed; this is a great time to see if the company is a good fit for YOU and your career goals.

Ask yourself, what makes you happy in your job? This article will help you identify the most important aspects to you at work to determine the best next step for your career.