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5 Quick Tips for Your Job Search in Today’s Volatile Hiring Environment

Has your job been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? You’re not alone and you do have options to reconnect with numerous employment opportunities that allow you to earn a paycheck in today’s volatile hiring environment. The following tips can help!
    1. Use Powerful Keywords | Search online job boards using words/phrases such as “essential work” or “urgently hiring” to find positions that have immediate openings and workforce surges due to the COVID-19 situation. Often, these companies can fast-track applications and get you working more quickly.


    1. Set Job Alerts | When utilizing online job boards, look for options to have alerts emailed to you when new jobs matching your search criteria are available. This will give you immediate notifications for new, local positions that you may be interested in applying to.


    1. Check Company Reviews | Many online job boards also offer reviews of companies so you as a job seeker can read about what it’s like to work there before applying. Also, ask friends and family members to refer you to employers with great reputations. Many companies offer referral bonuses, which also helps give an extra wallet boost to your friend or family member.


    1. Partner with a Hiring Expert | If you’re having trouble finding work on your own, consider calling a staffing agency for help. Staffing agencies, like Dahl Consulting, offer services that are 100% free to job seekers and employees. Recruiters partner with businesses that are hiring and can help job seekers get work more quickly by optimizing your resume or coaching you for interviews, and they also serve as an advocate for both you, as a prospective employee, and the hiring company.


    1. Stay Positive | While today’s challenges bring angst and worry, keeping a positive attitude can help alleviate stressful situations while searching for employment. There are so many great resources available for job seekers…locate trusted employment partners in your community and utilize them!


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