A Glossary of Staffing terms

The DAHL Dictionary is a glossary of staffing vocabulary created to help shed light on the many terms utilized throughout the recruiting and staffing process. View the terms below to gain a better understanding of the staffing industry as a job seeker or business looking to partner with us!

1099 | a tax form utilized for sole proprietors, a type of independent contractor.

401(k) | a retirement plan for eligible employees; contributions are deducted from an employee’s paycheck and may be matched by an employer up to a certain percentage of the employee’s contributions.

Accommodations | assistance or adaptations made to a particular task or job process for an employee.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) | a system utilized by DAHL to help house, organize, and track information such as applications, resumes, interviews scheduled, and more collected throughout the hiring process.

Background Check | a pre-employment screening conducted regarding an applicant’s previous employment references and/or criminal background history.

Corporation to Corporation (C2C) | a consultant working on behalf of DAHL, at a DAHL client, but is employed by another agency. The consultant does not have any benefits through DAHL, and no taxes are withheld from DAHL. The consultant’s agency is responsible for administering benefits and withholding taxes from their employee.

Candidate | an individual that is starting the job seeking process and is interested in applying for new employment opportunities. 

Client | a local business that has partnered with Dahl Consulting to help full their open employment opportunities.

Consultant | an individual that was placed on a job assignment at a client company through DAHL.

Contract Role | a position that is available at a fixed amount of time; a temporary employment opportunity that allows candidates job flexibility and can be a starting point in an industry or resume-building role.

Cover Letter | a written document submitted with a candidate’s resume while completing the application process; typically highlights key skills, details specific interest in the role and highlights applicable experiences based on the job requirements.

DAHL Employee Portal | This is where the eDocuments from Avionte are sent and completed by the consultant.

DAHL Talent Team | the recruiting and sales division of Dahl Consulting; the team responsible for hiring sourced consultants for clients.

DAHL Managed Services | the managed service provider division of Dahl Consulting; the program team largely based on-site at client locations in charge of managing the contingent workforce program and VMS system.

Employment Agency | a company that connects job seekers with local businesses in need of new talent.

End Date | the projected and/or actual date the consultant’s contract/assignment will end; at times referred to as the “term date.”

Entry-level | an opportunity that has little-to-no previous experience required to be a qualified candidate; a role that will provide on-the-job training.

Extension | Occurs when a consultant’s contract end date is extended beyond the scheduled end date.

Independent Contractor (IC) | An individual who consults/contracts on behalf of DAHL, but also owns their own business entity and is not paid in the same way as a W2 Employee. ICs are required to pass our IC Procedures litmus test, including insurances, a business banking account, net payment terms, etc. in order to be cleared as an Independent Contractor. Taxes are not withheld, and ICs receive no benefits from DAHL.

Payrolling | a service provided by DAHL for clients that have sourced their own consultants (W2 Employees, ICs, and C2Cs); DAHL then manages onboarding, payments, benefits, and serves as the employer of record on behalf of the client.

Permanent Role | an employment opportunity that requires no trial period before being hired on by a client; a position that will be recruited for by DAHL, but the consultant will immediately begin working for the client.

Pre-employment assessment | a test that may occur during the application process; typically used to gauge the candidate’s skillset or experience with specific tools, i.e. software tests for IT positions or math exams for accounting & finance roles.

Placement | occurs when a client has extended an offer and an individual has accepted it, thus becoming a consultant.

Recruiter | an employment expert that will assist candidates and consultants throughout the job seeking and interviewing processes, as well as answer questions or resolve issues while an individual is on assignment at a client.

Remote Work | an employment opportunity that will allow individuals to work from home.

Resume | a formal document submitted during the application process that summarizes a candidate’s previous job experiences, education level, skillset, and qualifications related to the position they are applying to.

Staffing |  the process of sourcing talent for open job opportunities and showcasing the candidate’s qualifications for a role to a client company for potential hire. 

Staffing Agency | a company that connects job seekers with local businesses in need of new talent.

Unemployment Acknowledgement Form (UI Form) | a form all DAHL W2 consultants must sign acknowledging they understand the unemployment terms set forth by DAHL via the applicable state they are working in.

Vendor | another staffing agency or sourcing company that a consultant is working through.

Vendor Management System (VMS) | a software system or toll used to centrally manage clients’ contingent workforce.

W2 Employee | a contractor or consultant of DAHL, in where DAHL pays the employee and handles local, state and federal taxes (such as FICA, FUTA, SUTA, etc.) and administers other benefits, such as life insurance, medical insurance, dental, 401k, etc.

Woman-Owned | a business that is owned and operated by a female; a business must meet specific criteria to be eligible and certified as a woman-owned business.

WBE: Women’s Business Enterprise; learn more about DAHL’s certification as a woman-owned business and our involvement in the WBENC at

WBENC-certified | a business that has completed an intense process and has been certified as a woman-owned business by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council; learn more about DAHL’s involvement in the WBENC at