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What is a Payrolling Solution and How it Benefits Your Workforce Management Strategy

How does payrolling (or Employer of Record) work?

When payrolling occurs as part of a workforce management strategy, a company’s external (contingent/contract) workers are placed onto the payroll of a trusted business partner to handle their compensation, benefits, and onboarding. The biggest difference between this version of payrolling and the more frequently referenced one is the employer of record component. Here’s how this strategic version of payrolling works…

As a company, you know who you want working for your business and have already identified them as key assets for specific projects or roles. These individuals could be freelancers, interns, retirees or employees who have worked with your company previously. Instead of your business hiring them directly, they will work through Dahl Consulting (DAHL) as contingent employees. As the employer of record, we provide excellent HR-related services to these employees, while they take project direction and instructions from you, providing their valuable expertise for your business. Rather than being employed directly by your company, they are compensated through DAHL, hence the term “payrolling”.

At DAHL, we’ve developed a customized, scalable payrolling services program to allow our clients the competitive advantage of working with pre-identified talent, while our employment experts take on the administrative side of the work relationship. DAHL handles all the employment paperwork, onboarding, offboarding, and payroll processing duties. Your company enjoys a consistent, compliant process for employees, with less headaches and excellent customer service.

Payrolling is just one of the solutions we provide businesses to manage all types of employees delivering value, compliance and transparency into your employees. Developing an integrated payrolling services program that allows talent to perform their specialized work and get paid accurately & on-time, while maintaining compliance is more complex than ever. Having an efficient payrolling services program helps ensure processes are followed, risk is minimized, and strategic projects and initiatives are completed by the talent your business wants and needs.

Top Benefits of a Payrolling Services Provider

  1. Reduce Employment Expense and Risk | The investment of bringing personnel directly onto your employee roster can add up quickly. Total employment burden often adds 18-20 percent to a base annual salary. This burden includes Social Security, Medicare, Contingent Talent Force Members’ Compensation insurance, state and federal unemployment insurance, other benefits, and more. If your business would benefit from offsetting employment costs while utilizing specialized talent, payrolling is an excellent option to explore.
  2. Enhance Onboarding Momentum | Special projects and product improvements are critical to the growth of your business. In many instances, they are extremely time sensitive due to their critical nature. Spending excessive time going through the administrative lag of onboarding a direct employee can become time expensive. Engaging a payrolling services partner reduces the amount of lost time by handling the administrative burden of onboarding/offboarding processes. This allows the identified talent to hit the ground running, increasing project momentum.
  3. Amplify Daily Efficiencies | Human Resources Managers are experts in their field, yet they traditionally take on many day-to-day tasks, especially as companies strive for leaner and more resourceful teams. Adding administrative responsibilities to their workload is overburdening and could lead to strategic projects being abandoned and/or delayed in their completion. Utilizing their valuable time to onboard and offboard employees who are employed on a per project or transitionary basis may not be the best use of their critical resources. Partnering with a payrolling services provider eliminates the hassle of tedious administrative tasks for specialized employees.

Why partner with DAHL?

  • Woman Owned | Our company is a certified women-owned business (WBE) so your company’s investment with us counts toward diversity spend goals.
  • Decades of Expertise | DAHL has been offering payrolling services to businesses of all sizes for over 25 years and is also backed by the vast employment-related knowledge that comes from decades of managing a professional employer organization (PEO).
  • Employee Experience | From onboarding to offboarding, our payrolling services team creates a great experience that helps employees feel they are a valuable part of your team.
  • Change Management | Our payrolling services team helps business clients transition employees to a payrolling program through internal buy-in and outstanding customer service.
  • Service Scalability | Rest assured that as your company’s payrolling services needs grow or change, we are structured to adapt and flex with you.

Connect with our payrolling employment experts and we’ll help you through evaluating if DAHL would be a strategic workforce solutions partner.