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Victoria T.

I have been working at Dahl Consulting for less than a year. Everyone made the process swift and easy. After a few months of being

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Katie D.

I am very pleased to work with a woman-owned business!  The pay is competitive, and they offer health insurance and 401k to their consultants.  My

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Dallas C.

I applied to several jobs a didn’t hear back from any of them. After applying for a job through DAHL’s job board, I was quickly

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Sydney C.

I have loved my experience with DAHL. They allowed me to find my dream position. I would definitely recommend Dahl Consulting to anyone looking for

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Ethan K.

I’ve never done contract work before and was kind of nervous, but DAHL made it so easy. They were there for me every step of

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Sue V.

After months of dead-end interviews and about a hundred job applications, I decided to reach out to Dahl Consulting for help. Within a very short

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