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Solutions for Operational Efficiencies

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Dahl Consulting (DAHL) offers a wide range of customizable employment solutions to meet each company’s needs. This includes our managed program services solution (MSP), backed by our vendor management system (VMS), APRU. These customized solutions provide companies with the best talent, seamless implementation, strong governance and compliance, comprehensive program management, and tangible savings to create operational excellence and yield sustainable value. We work alongside human resources managers, leadership team members, and other hiring professionals within your organization to ensure an efficient and timely process. This success story highlights how DAHL successfully utilized our MSP program to implement a tailored solution to solve this company’s challenges.  

Background and Challenges

Our client had already taken steps to standardize and organize their contingent workforce (CW) program. However, they were lacking full visibility into the process, and data management was difficult. Additionally, their TA/HR teams lacked centralization of administrative tasks, their suppliers were randomly selected to work on requests, there were no processes around adding a supplier, and there were no audits being performed.

As a part of the pre-implementation process, our client had gone through a mini-RFP to rationalize their supplier list. Both Doherty Staffing Solutions and DAHL’s Talent Team have a strong relationship with this fortune 500 company going back 10 years and have been identified as Master/Key vendors. DAHL was selected to administer an MSP program to manage all professional roles at our client and the supplier network within those verticals. The DAHL MSP solution was key in achieving operational efficiencies and alignment with industry best practices.

  • The Solutions | With DAHL Talent Team being their primary supplier for all professional roles, DAHL MSP included additional suppliers focused on various categories of labor to complete the full MSP/VMS solution.
  • Implementation | This process was led by our MSP/VMS relationship manager, Director of MSP operations, VMS project manager, and the dedicated program manager assigned to our client. Utilizing our project methodologies/planning, DAHL built and launched the program successfully on the “Go Live” date, despite numerous obstacles that presented themselves along the way.
  • Program Scope | Supplier-funded model, MSP management fee of 3% covering the following professional labor categories: Information Systems & Digital, Engineering, Marketing, Administrative, Legal, and Finance.

The Results

In 18 months, DAHL has approximate savings for our client in excess of $1,200,000 or a 12.5% decrease in cost. Industry best practices, market rate analysis, and trending data provided insight to drive strategy in discussions and planning.

  • Increased Visibility | In to spend, hours, and headcount by location, hiring manager, and skill category, allowing for business leaders to be more informed.
  • Continued Supplier Optimization | Achieved with visibility to performance metrics including a tiered structure, incentivizing top performers.
  • Cost Savings | Soft and hard cost savings realized with increased control on rates/mark-ups and time savings due to centralized efforts with our team. DAHL released our client’s Talent Acquisition/HR from several administrative functions. Time to Fill cycles were shortened by 33%.
  • Risk Mitigation | Increased controls around compliance with consistent processes around supplier contract terms, including onboarding/offboarding requirements.
  • Consolidated Invoicing | Our client now receives one invoice from DAHL on a monthly basis versus hundreds submitted by suppliers in a variety of cadences saving the AP department time. Automation with the manager approval process in the VMS reduces errors and allows for ease in auditing processes.
  • Audits Introduced | DAHL initiated a pay rate/bill rate audit to ensure compliance with pay/bill rate submittals which provided additional savings to our client for those out of compliance. DAHL performs onboarding checklist audits, which include drug/background requirements, to ensure compliance as well.
  • Quick Adoption | Expansion to other markets (WI, CA, WA) due to the quick adoption and efficiencies achieved.


As illustrated in this success story, DAHL is familiar with talent management challenges and knows how to apply our 40+ years of employment expertise to craft a customizable MSP solution that can work for your business.  

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