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Solutions for Cost Alignment

We know how to create a partnership of success for the bottomline.

Background and Challenges

  • HR/Talent Acquisition teams overwhelmed in managing both full-time and contingent workforce hiring
  • Too many IT suppliers, no structure set in adding new suppliers
  • Lack of rate management process
  • Lack of real time visibility into contingent labor
  • Inconsistent supplier contracts, no audit processes
  • Cumbersome invoicing process

The Solutions

  • Combined MSP/VMS solution with APRU, including our Payroll Services and Talent Team divisions
  • Information Technology was the pilot group in this phased approach
  • Leveraged support from the client’s CIO, who worked with DAHL at his former organization
  • Drove program visibility through reporting and analytics
  • Developed an interface process to streamline invoicing
  • Consistent supplier contracts and audit processes implemented

The Results

  • DAHL’s dedicated program professionals eased the administrative burden from the client’s HR/Talent Acquisition team (soft dollar savings)
  • The client has leveraged our team for visibility into requests to add suppliers and has a business justification process in place.
  • The rate management process brought bill rates into conformance and analyzed against market dynamics, saving our client (15% in hard dollar savings).
  • Streamlined and reduced errors in time entry and invoice/payment process
  • Risk mitigation is realized in having consistent contract terms and audit processes in place
  • In 2017, due to the success within IT, the program expanded to all departments within the client organization


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