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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Benefits: What to Look for in Your Job Search

When searching for a new job, your salary expectations and other financial considerations (such as bonuses and stock options) are an important part of the job search process. However, it can also be helpful to assess the other work perks of the position, including a flexible schedule and professional development opportunities. A strong benefits package ultimately plays a critical role in the overall attractiveness of the position.

A company with a welcoming culture contributes to your long-term happiness in any position. Additionally, it contributes to a business’ ability to retain its employees, and most employers understand the importance of a great work culture. Considering cultural fit as a critical factor in your job search can be beneficial for you and potential employers.

In this article, we will cover additional insights on what benefits to look for in your job search. While some work perks are more important to some than others, make sure you fully vet each company’s full package to find a new position with the right fit for your career growth.

Why is it Important to Consider Employee Benefits in Your Job Search?

While your job salary carries significant weight, a robust benefits package also contributes to your overall satisfaction. For example, some professionals may accept a lower pay rate if they have flexible scheduling and advancement opportunities because these options are key factors for their overall job satisfaction. The ability to strike a balance between personal and professional lives continues to grow in relevance, especially after the recent pandemic. Any time you look for work, it can be helpful to make benefits a top priority when deciding where to work.

Professional Recruiters Share the Top 5 Benefits to Look for In Your Next Job

Insights from experienced recruiters can be beneficial when trying to find the best work perks for you. The following list provides some key benefits from our experts that you can keep in mind when researching job opportunities. Finding a company that provides most (or all) of the following benefits can be an indicator for companies with a great culture. Becoming an employee for companies with comprehensive work perks provides a great opportunity to grow in a rewarding career.

Remote Work or Workplace Flexibility Benefits

The ability to work from home remains a perk desired by many modern professionals. In fact, companies recently demanding a return to the office contributed to the recent Great Resignation. If you enjoy not having a daily commute, keep an eye out for employers offering remote or hybrid job opportunities. Flexible schedules can help professionals gain a measure of balance in their lives. Many companies offer this benefit in tandem with remote or hybrid work, effectively helping employees to reduce burnout.

Mental Health Benefits

Mental health in the workplace has been a hot topic in recent years, with many companies offering more benefits for their employees. These include adding mental health options to their corporate health insurance plan, including telehealth sessions with a psychiatrist. Services like these can be a great tool for reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. They can improve not only work satisfaction but also baseline mental well-being, making this an invaluable work perk to keep in mind.

Health and Lifestyle Benefits

Compensation packages, including a robust health insurance plan, helps companies attract top-shelf candidates. Many businesses also offer their employees a variety of lifestyle benefits in addition to their health insurance plans. For example, free or discounted gym and fitness memberships are common work perks offered to employees. A wellness program that rewards those with a proactive approach to a healthy lifestyle is another helpful benefit for both employees and employers.

Career Development and Upskilling Opportunities

Many individuals desire to work for companies that provide professional development opportunities. Employers with a strong training program that incentivizes employees to take classes and earn relevant certifications can be a monumental benefit for career development. Courses that help you to learn more and expand upon your current skill set provide a great opportunity for increasing your value to employers.

Additionally, take advantage of any tuition reimbursement benefit that allows you to add to your education level. Earning an advanced degree can help supercharge your career growth, opening up a variety of opportunities within your desired field of work. You may be required to stay with a company for a period after receiving this benefit, so keep this in mind when taking advantage of this work perk.

Company Culture

As noted earlier, cultural fit matters when looking for a great job opportunity where longevity feels natural. Employers understand the direct relationship between a welcoming company culture and a high retention rate. As such, they strive to build the type of organizational culture attractive to both current employees and new candidates.

Pay close attention to the parts of a company culture that match the features of your ideal employer. Cultural aspects typically involve many of the previously mentioned benefits, including flexible schedules, remote and hybrid work, wellness benefits, and professional development opportunities. In addition to these, transparent communication, charitable activities, and compatibility with the company’s mission also matter. In short, try to find companies that would be a great fit for you!

What are the Advantages of Working with a Recruiter to Find Employers Who Offer Desirable Employee Benefits?

Finding a company providing the benefits package you want becomes easier when partnering with an employment agency. Building a long-term relationship with a recruiter lets them truly get to know your professional and personal dreams. This knowledge helps them source job opportunities able to keep your career on an upward path.

Here are some advantages gained by partnering with a professional recruiter to find opportunities at companies with generous compensation packages.

Professional Recruiters Offer Nuanced Market Insights

When searching for a job, having a deep understanding of the current hiring market makes your effort easier and, ultimately, more effective. However, looking for a new position while currently employed makes it difficult to learn these insights, which is why it is so helpful to consider partnering with a professional recruiter who truly understands the market for your skills.

When searching for a staffing agency to partner with, it is a good idea to explore their experience in your specific job market before reaching out. This includes both your city and region (when looking for in-office positions) as well as your industry sector.

Recruiters Provide Customized Guidance in Your Job Search

As highlighted above, forging a long-term relationship with a recruiter gives them a deep understanding of your career plans. In any job search, you want to partner with someone who can provide customized guidance based on your skills, experience, and career dreams. Once again, cultural fit also matters. Simply stated, a “one size fits all” approach simply won’t work.

Partner with a recruiter that takes the time to get to know you. This is a good sign that they have the skills needed to help you find the best available opportunities, and can ultimately lead to a long-lasting, valuable relationship.

Recruiters Offer Job Offer Negotiation Support

Negotiating a salary and benefits package causes stress among many professionals, including both recent graduates and experienced professionals. It can be difficult to determine if your desired salary is on par, whether to ask for a higher starting rate, and if you should try to negotiate other benefits, such as PTO. These stressors can make job offer negotiation feel overwhelming.

Thankfully, most recruiters support the negotiation process of any job offer. This is another area where their knowledge of the current job market for your industry can pay large dividends. They know the average salaries for your role, and when combined with their understanding of your career goals, it makes it much easier to secure a benefits package that meets your expectations.

Recruiters Have Access to Exclusive Opportunities

Many of the most intriguing job opportunities aren’t available to the public on a large job board. Working with an experienced recruiter provides access to these exclusive positions before they’re posted to online job sites. It’s a great way to find out about the best opportunities before other candidates.

Partnering with a recruiter provides access to this hidden job market. You never know if your dream position is one of these unpublicized opportunities. It’s one of the major reasons that working with a professional recruiter ultimately results in a successful job match.

Partner with a Professional Recruiter to Find the Benefits That Matter Most

Finding a great job with a generous benefits package need not be an impossible task. The first step is figuring out which benefits are non-negotiable for you, then partner with an experienced recruiter to help you find a job that offers great benefits and a fulfilling work environment.

Working with our recruiters at Dahl Consulting can be a great option to help you take your career to the next level and find a job you love. Get connected with our employment experts today!