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4 Tips to Negotiating an Entry-level Salary

Congrats! You’ve landed your first job out of college – now what?

If you’ve recently graduated and you’re interviewing for that first “real-life” job out of college, you’d probably be excited to get just about any opportunity to utilize your new degree. Even though this will be the starting point for your career, you bring tremendous value to the table so there’s still room to negotiate your total compensation package.

While most employers are ready to negotiate when they extend an initial offer, you don’t want them to decline your counteroffer, even if it is reasonable. So, creating a well-crafted counter offer is essential…even with an entry-level position. An accepted counteroffer can not only get you higher pay and additional benefits, but it will also demonstrate the kind of confidence, self-worth, and intelligence necessary for future promotions and respect in the workplace.

To guide you, DAHL’s Recruiting Experts put together a short video with 4 tips for negotiating an entry-level salary.

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