What People Say About DAHL

At Dahl Consulting, It’s the People is more than a tagline. We truly value our Consultants’ and Clients’ feedback. Below are testimonials from them in their own words. Wanting to learn more about DAHL? Let’s connect!

Consultant Testimonials

All my interactions with DAHL team members have been very personable, helpful, and professional. I trusted the people I was working with and felt very well supported and taken care of by them. I experienced a genuine display of care and attention that impacted me in a positive way … I have recommended to others in my professional network that if they are interested in doing consulting work, then they should work with DAHL!

Alicia T.

Onboarding was professional, friendly, welcoming, and supportive. I highly recommend DAHL. I’m looking forward to working together in the future.

Meka M.

The team that I work with answers my questions and provides the best advice and guidance I need.

Shanette S.

I loved working with DAHL. The recruiter I was in contact with was always letting me know what was going on, and if I needed to do anything. They were great at communicating with me!

Gail Q.

Friendly and professional people with whom I dealt with during the hiring process. They were responsive to my questions and helped with correcting some issues.

Susan T.

I am very pleased to work with a woman-owned business!  The pay is competitive, and they offer health insurance and 401k to their consultants.  My recruiter Sophia was amazing in preparing me for my interview, keeping me encouraged along the way, and following up with me about my assignment. I have had a great experience with DAHL and highly recommended them to others.

Katie D.

My recruiter was responsive and resourceful. They also made the interview process smooth and quick.

Shalon G.

I really enjoyed my contract position. The company I worked for was amazing! Any questions that I had were answered in a timely manner. Great partners.

Renric L.

I worked with DAHL for about 6 months on a contract. In my experience, DAHL was well organized and the people I engaged with were responsive and helpful. Almost a year after my contract ended, I had a question about my W2. I was contacted immediately and my question was resolved promptly. Tough to argue with that.

Stephen P.

When my contract prematurely ended, the Consultant Resources Specialist at DAHL contacted me immediately and got me in touch with a recruiter that same week.

Ladd G.

Client Testimonials

I love how quick DAHL is to respond to any questions or concerns that I have. Also, any payroll items are solved immediately.

Allison J.

DAHL has a great team of professionals who truly partner with you to understand your organization and your needs and are great to work with along the way to making a good hire!

Steve P.

My DAHL representative has always been top-notch and very responsive. I’ve always been impressed with their ability to form and manage strong relationships.

Melanie O.

My DAHL representatives are very responsive, kind, and easy to work with. They keep things moving and get any issues resolved in a timely manner. Follow-ups are great. We rarely have “lingering” items.

James G.

My team at DAHL is cohesive and works great together from the sales side to the staffing side of the business – a well-oiled machine with results!

Jen D.

We had a great team working with our account. They quickly provided qualified candidates and stood behind their candidates after they were hired.

Mitchell E.

I have an enjoyable collaboration with my DAHL representatives, who have fostered enduring relationships, enhancing our experience with DAHL. Over a decade of working together has allowed them to grasp the ideal ‘type’ of candidates best suited for our team.

Sammy R.

My DAHL representatives have great response times and are attentive to our team’s needs. They go above and beyond to understand our business needs and find top-caliber candidates.

Erika B.