Consultant Testimonials

Onboarding was very efficient and easy! I’ve been working with DAHL for almost two years, and communication has been great the entire time. Highly recommend!

Anna M.

Very responsive during the application process, placement, and during the time of my contract employment. Great experience overall and hope to work with them again.

Jessica S.

DAHL has an excellent process, and communication is straightforward and prompt. I was very pleased with everyone, as well as the platform to submit my timecard and information. Dahl Consulting is a top-notch and first-class organization.

Sean F.

Working with DAHL was such a seamless process! I enjoyed working with everyone there as they helped transition me into my new role. The support I received was so personalized – I knew I could reach out to my rep at DAHL for support at any time, and I would receive a response quickly.

Whitney B.

Client Testimonials

Dahl Consulting listened to the requirements I needed and sent me several candidates. The individual I chose I was able to convert over to a full-time employee. I will definitely use Dahl Consulting again in the future.

Jackie K.

The candidates provided to me for multiple positions have been spot on – the DAHL team understood my needs and delivered. DAHL has made the process on our end so easy and we are thankful for all they have done to provide us great additions to our team!

Megan D.

Dahl has always worked with us for creative solutions to staffing issues. They are a great strategic partner with quick response times and transparent communication.

Myra B.

I have worked with Dahl Consulting for a while now. I supervise a team of entry-level employees, so I have high turnover due to employees getting promoted. DAHL quickly sent me candidates to fill my open positions who are qualified, eager to learn, and work hard!

Kate B.

As Equity Staffing Group’s Director of Enterprise Accounts, I have had the pleasure of working directly with the DAHL program office for the past 3+ years. The DAHL managed services program team always respond in a timely manner; they are professional, detailed, and dedicated to supporting the organization and their staffing needs. I have gotten to know the managed services program team on a personal level with the amount of business we have done with them over the years, and our relationship has turned into a very successful partnership. One thing that makes all agencies and relationships positive and successful is trust.

Zach R.

Over the past 10 years, we have had the pleasure of working with Dahl Consulting in support of their multiple MSP efforts throughout the country. While Revolution teams with many managed service providers in North America, DAHL’s collaborative approach is recognized as “best of breed” by both the clients that they service as well as the many vendors that support them. We consistently see DAHL taking an approach that is progressive in workflow and relationship, all the while, delivering outstanding talent and service to the end-client. We have seen several instances of DAHL taking an existing struggling client program and creating the transformation to a thriving efficient model, in a very short period of time.

Joseph D.

I have had the pleasure of working with DAHL over the last 3 years and can say they are the best MSP I have ever worked with. DAHL has allowed us to support the organization in a way that allows all of us to be successful in providing IT talent. They provide us with detailed requirements because they sit down with the hiring managers to understand what are looking for in a candidate, setup vendor calls with the hiring managers to narrow in on any questions we might have, and update us throughout the process if things change. I am lucky to work with them and look forward to continuing to support the organization for many years to come.

Andrew B.

I have had the pleasure of working with DAHL over the past 10 years in a variety of different roles. Each role and opportunity have been great experiences with professional people who truly care about the client and doing what is right. DAHL is a company I have recommended to clients who are looking for partners with contingent labor programs. Their services help clients to improve processes and make their business more efficient.

Jennifer L.