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Professional sales staffing solutions for organizations big and small.

Your salespeople are the head of the javelin—the individuals who begin the business development process and help grow your company. Often, they are the first point of contact a potencial client has with your organization. Clearly, having the right people in these roles is essential for your company’s continued expansion and success.

At Dahl Consulting (DAHL), we make it our mission to provide companies with inclusive recruiting solutions within the sales sector and help professional salespeople find the right fit for them with companies who match their values and long-term objectives. Our sales recruitment agency, serving Minnesota and the Upper Midwest, is the top choice for employers and candidates looking to solve employment challenges in the sales and business development space.

Sales Staffing Solutions That Work

Whether you’re looking for temporary salespeople for peak seasons or you’re a sales professional on the search for your next great opportunity, DAHL can help. We offer the following employment arrangements:


Scale up your sales department when necessary and scale down when the workload decreases. Our contract staffing services help you find great people and save money simultaneously.


Try out an employee on the job before committing to a full-time role. Evaluate the individual’s work ethic and cultural fit before extending an offer.

Direct Hire

When you need salespeople to join your team full-time, utilize DAHL’s direct hire staffing services. We’re experts when it comes to finding the perfect salesforce match for your organization.

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Job Seekers
Need to Hire Sales and Business Development Talent?

Looking for a sales all-star to ramp up your company’s reach? Need to outfit your sales team with talented experts who understand your vision and mission? Dahl Consulting’s sales talent acquisition specialists are here for you. We’ve been supplying businesses like yours with talent throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwest since 1993.

Contact a member of our team today to learn more about our sales staffing solutions and how we can serve you.

Looking for a Career in Sales?

Are you a salesperson ready to take your business development experience and talent to the next level? When you have a trusted partner in your corner to guide you, you get the results you really want. That’s where we come in.

We can’t wait to match you with an opportunity that you love at the earning potential you crave. Contact Dahl Consulting today to connect with one of our expert recruiters.

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A Professional Sales Staffing Solution You Can Trust

Every industry has unique sales professionals essential for growing a business, and these individuals’ responsibilities vary from acquiring new business opportunities to managing sales. DAHL’s employment experts provide hiring solutions that will ensure candidate alignment with your company’s culture, along with your hiring needs.