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Dahl Consulting Launches Talent Program for New Graduates

Dahl Consulting (DAHL) is excited to announce the launch of our new, entry-level talent connection program, titled DAHL Grads. Employers seeking a fresh candidate pool for various administrative/clerical and/or customer service roles would benefit from this employment initiative’s targeted efforts and coordinated approach. This program is also a unique employment option for candidates who are either entering the workforce for the first time after college or restarting their careers with newly learned skills. With quite literally a world of opportunities available to candidates today, DAHL believes that having a career advocate can be a key difference maker in connecting people to the roles that will jumpstart career paths with great companies.

DAHL Grads for Businesses

Employers currently on the hunt for the best talent entering (or re-entering) the hiring marketplace may not be pointing their recruiting efforts and energy in the right directions to ensure success. Today’s employment landscape belongs primarily to the job seeker and they are becoming truly savvy career “buyers”. Human resources professionals and other key individuals tasked with attracting talent through the dynamic maze of recruitment technologies and tactics are learning the true meaning (and challenges) of a “candidate centric” environment. Partnering with DAHL through this program gives employers a competitive hiring advantage. Our talent team partners with hiring managers to not only attract the best candidates who fit the position from a skill and background perspective, they also evaluate individuals for aptitude and cultural alignment. This comprehensive approach helps ensure a more successful employment solution for both parties!

DAHL Grads for Job Seekers

Candidates in today’s competitive hiring climate are overwhelmed by the employment options available and may be confused by which opportunities best fit their current degree and skills. Couple that with the vast labyrinth of twists and turns in the current (and more complex than ever), multi-step hiring process and finding the right career can be downright intimidating. DAHL is here to help with career advocates who specialize in connecting candidates to entry-level positions that turn into rewarding careers with industry-leading, top employers. Our talent team partners with candidates through every step of the process, from initial conversations about career ambitions to interview preparations and assessments to guidance throughout the onboarding process. And, our talent team doesn’t stop once a candidate starts working. DAHL continues to be there, supporting candidates-turned-employees once they are on the job to make sure they have what they need to succeed and grow!

Click here to learn more about the DAHL Grads program and connect with our team of Employment Experts for an initial conversation about this specialized employment initiative.

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